White Crowns on Front Teeth

White Crowns on Front Teeth

What are white crowns for the front teeth?

Crowns are usually made from materials like resin or tooth-colored porcelain. They tend to be stain resistant. These crowns get placed over a person’s front tooth for restoration reasons and are intended to look as much like a person’s natural tooth as possible. Front tooth crowns also make it easier for a person to chew and talk.

Why does your child need a white crown for their front teeth?

White front teeth crowns remain most commonly placed because of:

  • Extensive front tooth decay.
  • Damage due to injury, as in a crack.
  • A broken tooth.
  • Root canal treatment.

Do front teeth crowns look natural?

Your child’s white front teeth crown’s color will be matched to their neighboring natural teeth. Using porcelain crowns causes light to be reflected in much the same way as it is in natural teeth. When using metal bonded with porcelain, the light doesn’t reflect light correctly, nor does tooth-colored resin. Dr. Mina has the experience in pediatric dentistry required to match your child’s crown to their natural teeth and keep their smile looking great.

What happened during a front tooth crowning procedure?

Your child requires at least two office visits for the front tooth crown. First, an assessment will determine whether a crown is needed. Next, a mold gets taken of the tooth and sent off to a lab. In a second appointment, the tooth gets prepared, and the crown is applied to the tooth. Dr. Mina uses only the latest techniques for dental crowns and knows how to work with children to make the experience child-friendly. All of the preferred means remain used to ensure that your child receives his or her crown in the most comfortable and friendly way possible.

If your child needs a front tooth crown, please contact Dr. Mina at https://www.minalidental.com/ right away. Our office uses compassionate and caring methods to ensure that your child’s oral health remains at its highest level and that your child is treated promptly and in a manner suiting their age level.