Strip Crowns

What are Strip Crowns?

Strip crowns utilize composite resin to enhance your child’s front teeth. Composite resin is the same material used in fillings. These crowns help to protect anterior teeth that have become severely decayed or broken. The crowns help to restore functionality to your child’s smile.

Why would your child need Strip Crowns?

Your child will more than likely need strip crowns if their front, anterior, teeth are decayed. Decay most often occurs because of poor dental hygiene habits and the types of foods and drinks your child is consuming. Most often, a child who drinks sugary beverages at night will have anterior-specific dental decay. The procedure involves removing this decay and replacing the teeth with tooth-colored crowns made using composite filling material.

What makes your child a candidate for Strip Crowns?

Most children who have decayed or broken front teeth will benefit greatly from strip crowns. The crowns are made specifically for your child’s front teeth, so they look natural and fitting. The crowns work to protect the remaining portion of the teeth, which can help to improve your child’s ability to eat, chew and talk. Strip crowns can last for years with proper care and maintenance.

What can you expect with Strip Crowns?

Your child will receive anesthetic so that the decay can be removed from the fronts of their teeth. Once the decay is fully removed, molds will be taken of their front teeth and filled using composite resin material. The crowns are then placed onto the front teeth and bonded into place. The entire procedure is done quickly and easily in our office. Your child will benefit from a full, healthy smile and teeth that are now fully protected. We can determine if your child will benefit from strip crowns when they come in for a visit and during their examination. We can answer any questions that you have regarding the appointment before it is done.

If your child needs strip crowns, call our office today and we will be happy to help answer your questions and get them in for an appointment.