What are Fillings?

Fillings are typically used to replace areas of decay in one or more of your child’s teeth. The decay is removed from the tooth and replaced with a tooth-colored composite filling. Fillings are durable and are matched perfectly to your child’s smile. They help to maintain the health and integrity of your child’s affected tooth.

Why would your child need Fillings?

Most often, your child will need a filling if they have a cavity. Children are more prone to cavities because of poor dental hygiene as well as the types of foods and drinks they consume. Cavities can be detected during regular checkups. The filling procedure is easy, quick and done comfortable for all patients.

What makes your child a good candidate for Fillings?

Your child is a good candidate for fillings if they have a cavity. Sometimes, a cavity will cause pain or sensitivity, but most often your child won’t even know they have a cavity until their next dental appointment. Dr. Mina will examine your child’s teeth to determine if decay is present. If a cavity is found, your child will be scheduled to have a filling placed.

What can you expect with Fillings for your child?

Your child will receive local anesthetic or partial sedation as needed. The decay is removed from the tooth using a slow speed drill. Once removed, Dr. Mina prepares the hole in the tooth for the actual filling. The composite is poured and shaped into place in this hole. A bright light cures the filling so that it is kept securely in place. Multiple fillings can be placed at the same time if they are on the same side of the mouth. Your child will need to come back in if they have additional fillings that need to be placed on the other side of their smile. Fillings can last for years with proper care and maintenance.

If your child needs a filling or you simply want to know more about this procedure, call our office and we’ll work to answer any questions you might have.