Good and bad food for your teeth

Good and bad food for your teeth

It is well known that sugar-rich foods are not good for teeth, especially if they are consumed in excess. Although if we start to spin fine, sugars are not the foods that cause more decay. The richest in carbohydrates, such as bread, cookies or French fries, are the most harmful to the teeth since they are the ones that stay in contact with the enamel the longest. Does that mean we should not eat this type of food? Not much less, but it is important to apply the following tips:

  • Avoid eating between meals.
  • Whatever sugars are added, eliminate them from your diet.
  • Do not eat sticky foods. Such as chewing gum, jelly beans and other sweetened bombs.
  • Brush your teeth, at least twice a day!
  • Acids, ice and the other enemies of the teeth.

If sugars damage enamel, acids don’t fall short. Even wearing aesthetic veneers can also erode your enamel. Also, when we have mouth sores, acids can irritate them. So, whenever we take lemon or some acidic food, it is important to rinse our mouth thoroughly with water to neutralize the acidity.

What Else?

Do jelly beans also mean acid? Yes. And as you know, they all contain a lot of sugar that is harmful to the teeth. The sticky and chewable are the most harmful, since they are the ones that leave a higher amount of debris between the teeth and molars. In this group we find the famous lollipops, a type of candy that is especially consumed by children. And now the million-dollar question: How can we minimize the risks of tooth decay in our children? Here are some tips:

  • Teach your children to suck candy instead of biting them.
  • Get them to brush their teeth.
  • As much as possible, choose those less harmful treats for your teeth.
  • Try to have your child eat treats at a specific time of day, rather than throughout the day.
  • The bad habit of biting ice

Surely you are not the only one who has the bad habit of biting ice. If so, remove the habit because your teeth suffer. Ice, despite not containing sugars or additives, can cause mouth lesions. Also, hard and sticky foods are not recommended when you wear orthodontics. Think twice before chewing!

Because eating fruit is good for your health

When we talk about health, we also talk about the health of teeth, of course. And the fruit in this case is very beneficial since it provides minerals for enamel and gums. For example, bananas, in addition to providing potassium and a large number of vitamins, help reduce tooth sensitivity. On the other hand, apples or vegetables, such as carrots, are foods that, in addition to providing vitamins, clean our teeth naturally.


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