Dental Hygiene: When To Use Mouthwashes?

Brushing your teeth is essential! But should we also use mouthwashes? Antiseptic, protective, and purifying formulas are different products adapted to everyone’s needs. We often have mouthwash in his medicine cabinet. However, we do not necessarily know when to use it. They do not replace brushing teeth. The mouthwashes are good to relieve the little sores.

Their formula usually contains assets that are not found, or in very small quantities, in tubes of toothpaste. They are therefore used also, after the “toothbrush sequence” . However, they do not address everyone. You do not have to buy one if you do not have any special teeth or gum problems.

On the other hand, they relieve the “small sores” of the mouth: irritations, bad breath, canker sores, etc. 


Be careful to let the product act for 30 seconds in the mouth before spitting it out! Good to know too: mouthwashes (with a few exceptions) are not for children under 6 or 7 years old.

Each type of problem has a mouthwash formula.

Antiseptic formulas: to treat infections

They contain highly active ingredients against germs, among which we find mainly chlorhexidine and hexetidine.

Main products: Alodont, Eludril, Givalex, Hextril, Paroex, Prexidine …

When to use them? These products treat infections and inflammations of the oral mucosa. They are also recommended after dental surgery to prevent the development of “bad germs.”

What exactly to expect? Relief of swelling of the gums or relief of pain in case of the abscess. However, mouthwashes alone can not cure a real infection. They are associated if necessary with an oral antibiotic treatment.

Directions for use: two to three mouthwashes a day for up to two weeks.

Precautions: Do not continue treatment beyond two weeks without medical advice. You may disrupt the balance of the oral flora and cause fungal infection.

Our selection: Eludril (Pierre Fabre), a bottle of 200 ml. A safe bet recommended by dentists. To be diluted in lukewarm water using the measuring cup.

Protective formulas: against cavities

Their mission is to strengthen tooth enamel and make it more resistant to acid attack.

Main Products: Bioxtra, Elgydium Sensitive Teeth, Elmex Cavities Protection, Fluocaril.

When to use them? The products are intended for people with cavities. They are also useful for teens who wear rings and whose brushing leaves (often) to be desired.

What exactly to expect? Interest is preventive. But in any case, the mouthwash can not cure a decay.

Directions for use: Routinely rinse after each meal. In the cure of a month to begin.

Precautions: do not rinse your mouth after use, at the risk of eliminating fluoride.

Our selection: Elmex Protection caries (Gaba), a bottle of 400 ml. A formula without alcohol and dye with a pleasant minty taste. Use pure, in a dose of 10 ml.

The “special gums” formulas in case of bleeding. The active ingredients have been chosen to tone the gums and reduce plaque. Low dose antiseptics, fluorine and anti-inflammatory drugs (such as enoxolone) are found.

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